Scotland Part II

Schottland-Teil II Bklein

Nowhere in Europe the history of a country is so lively than in Scotland. To understand Scotland, you have to know more about the turbulent history of it. In 1707 the decision was made to form a union with England. 300 years later the Scottish have got their own parliament back and part of their political independence. Most important in Scotland is culture and tradition. The equivalent of the leather trousers, the bear mugs and the pork of the Bavarians, is for the Scottish the Kilt, the Single malt-Whisky and their Haggis. Economically Scotland is a leading country in Europe with their technologically top performance. Especially in the area of electronics, electrotechnics and mechanical engineering.  In addition to that, Scotland has a tremendous richness of nature. The Highlands, the islands and the seaside in combination with the sun, wind, clouds and rain changes the country of the Celts in a magical scene. The virus is not far away!!