Welcome to our personal homepage of the Windrose-Team (compass card-Team) 

Dear friends and all interested people,
We would like to invite you to join us on our journey to see what our new life is looking like.

Michaela u. Raimund


How did you get the idea to go with a bus around the world?

About 7 years ago we thought about leaving Germany for good. But where would we go to? All different kind of countries came to our mind, but we could not decide. That’s how we got the idea of maybe visiting all the countries on this earth. At this point we went to see a slide-show from Claudia und Klaus “Abgefahren”. That’s when we knew:” yes, this is like it should be.”

It was not just our idea to visit countries and their inhabitants, but we also want to gather more knowledge about the natives’ old way of healing and living all over the world.

 Why did you choose a bus as transportation?

Well, at first we liked the idea very much to go by motorcycle like Claudia and Klaus. Michaela unfortunately did not have a driving licence for a motorbike, but decided right away: “OK, then I will go for the driving licence, I’ve always been wanting to drive a motorbike”.

After that we read lots of books about couples who started “The new life” just like we wanted to do but with a bus or even with a small boat. Then we started doubting again: bus, motorbike or shall we try to get a boat licence? Since we both love the Nordic countries, we decided to choose the bus. (The Motorbike and small boat can be an option for the future?)

 How long do  you want to be on the road and where do you want to go to?

These two things have been very important for us from the start.

No Time limit.

No Travel route.

We don´t want to have another stress point in our new life

“Everything will be  the way that it will be”


How are you financing this trip?

The country, people and the language we know best, we’ll go to and we’ll try to work in this country. Logically, we will work mostly in western countries. What kind of job doesn´t matter, we’ll take everything: construction, hotel business, tourguide, car-mechanic, cleaning jobs, harvest-helper etc... just a few ideas.



If possible we would like to install pictures and the diary of our journey about every second week. Our homepage is still under construction, therefore we kindly ask your understanding, if the pages are not finished or even if some information cannot be found.

Enjoy yourself!

Not because things are unattainable

We do not dare them –

Because we do not dare,

They are unattainable